CatSnip: A Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Assistance Program

Central Texas is facing nothing less than an epidemic of unwanted kittens. Some are found in the outdoors in the feral cat community & some are abandoned in boxes by pet owners who cannot afford to spay or neuter their cats & cannot take care of their kittens.

Rescues like The Kittery are committed to saving the lives of as many of the unwanted kittens as we can, but the flow is endless & resources are not.  We know that the only way to stem the tide is to go community by community to spay & neuter the feral & unaltered domestic cat population.  By doing this, we can drastically reduce the number of unwanted kittens left to fend for themselves in the wild or put in boxes left on the side of the road to starve & die gruesome deaths.  We cannot save them all, but we do not want a single one to suffer.  We want to fix the problem!

Over the last 4 years, Liz Hernandez, President of The Kittery, has been involved in the rescue of approximately 2,000 helpless kittens – just in her small community.  They just keep coming!  While The Kittery takes care of the unwanted kittens, we also want to stop the constant flow.  We quickly run out of fosters & new adopters & there is just no place for the kittens to go.  They are all so precious, but there is just no reason for so many to come & not have homes. 

We must strive to significantly reduce the number of kittens that will need rescue in the future.  Since in one year it is possible for a female cat to have 2-3 litters of up to 5-6 kittens each & those kittens can become pregnant at 4 months (giving birth at 6 month) the population of unwanted cats expands exponentially & we cannot keep up.  Two cats & their offspring can produce more than 420,000 cats in seven years!

If you own a cat that is not spayed or neutered & you want to do it, but it’s not in your budget, please contact us & we can help.

Or, if there are feral cats in your commuinty that need to be trapped & neuted, please get in touch as well.

As a participant in the Million Cat Challenge & Shelter Animals Count, we are proud to report our statistics. Since we were founded, we have taken in 89 kittens & cats, re-homed 84 kittens & cats, and currently house 5. 

The Kittery’s live release rate is 100%.  This is calculated by dividing total live outcomes by total outcomes.